Feature Request: Changing Tags to Links and vice versa

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Things I have tried

Searched around a bit, and found this thread above. Since this was closed in 2021, I thought of reviving it with a feature request with my reasoning why this might be helpful.

What I’m trying to do

Many times when you are starting out in a new field, you may not have a clue of how deep the rabbit hole goes. Let’s say, I want to start understanding more about photography so I start collecting articles, and data points related to photography. At this point, it is an auxiliary interest, so I just slap on a hashtag #photography to collate my notes.

After going deeper and deeper, I realise, that photography could benefit by being a MOC on its own and all tags should now actually be links. This is where this feature will be helpful.

I look at the tags view, if I see an x number of mentions of the tag, I might want to convert that to links with a MOC. and vice versa, if I am working on a project which has a big pile of notes linked together. As the project completes, I move things into the archive and out of my vault. At this point that link could go back to being a #project-I-worked-on.

The central thought is, many counts of tags mean a central MOC or index makes sense.

I am fairly new to obsidian ecosystem, so I wonder if this could be a valid use case for a feature or if is there a plugin which could help here.


In that thread, there is another link to this existing FR: Global (Mass / Vault-wise) search & replace - #9 by WahWah

I can merge your request in there. Unless you think that your request is distinct enough to stay unique. This is a specific use-case of that more general feature. A specific feature to transform tags/links could certainly be useful and friendly to many people.

This is where Obsidian’s structure is accessible. You can already use any popular code editor or IDE to do mass search and replace, as a workaround for now.

The Tag Wrangler plugin’s description suggests a workaround using its Tag Pages feature.

Tag Wrangler does not (yet) support automatic conversion of tag references to page links or vice versa, though it may in a future version. In the meantime, however, you can use Obsidian’s backlinks to find and change such references from the tag page. Specifically, viewing a tag page’s “unlinked mentions” will show you all the locations where the tag was used and “link” buttons you can use to convert them to page links. (Converting page links to tags requires hand editing.)

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This will be helpful. The use case is definitely a subset of the one you tagged.
Thank you.

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