Feature Request and (possible) Bugs Haul

Ok guys, after using obsidian for a while, I’ll just mention most of the changes that i think are needed to improve the UX. (I’ll mention some recommendations whether they’re big or small)

  1. The ability to change the CSS of the interface via an option screen (Personal preference).
    To build over this idea, quite a few users I’ve talked to would like to at least change the design of the backlinks (some prefer underlines while others don’t / some prefer different shades of purple to make the links easier to read in dark mode)

  2. The bullet points to be aligned with their respective text (In the attached image, you’ll notice that the bullet points are slightly lower than centered)

  3. I believe this one is in development, but just in case. the ability to fold headings in preview mode.
    It’s cool to have folding headings in edit mode, but it’d be nice to have it in preview mode as well. (Not only headings but indentations in general)

  4. In the keyboard shortcuts menu to have a “Toggle theme” option (replace the independent Light Theme and Dark Theme shortcuts with a single toggle)

  5. I’m not sure if this happens with anyone else, but when I star a new line with Shift-Enter, two things happen:
    a. If I’m making a list, the list breaks and can’t resume the list after the line break made with Shift-Enter (see attached image)

    b. It looks ok on preview mode, but the formatting breaks on edit mode (see attached image)

  1. I also believe this feature is also in development. To be able to embed PDF files and view them within the page. In theory, I’d have as many PDF’s as I want in a single page and Control-F the page to find text in any of them simultaneously.

  2. When y find and replace text (Default: Control-H) and replace text with it and then suddenly regret it and want to undo this action, Control-Z will undo every single replacement one-by-one instead of undoing the whole thing in a single action.

  3. Right-Click context menu! This is a big one. I’d be EXTREMELY useful to have right-click menu integration to make things a little easier to do.
    Example: If I highlight text and right-click, I’d want to see the Bold/Italics/Highlight/etc options (Even to turn the highlighted text into a header?).

  4. I only use tabs when indenting my work and personally love the “Use tabs” option in the editor menu, however, when I imported my docs from Roam, I noticed that my indentations where in fact now handled with tabs but I had to manually replace indentation from other files from spaces to tabs for it to be fully functional.

  5. Add a teeny tiny delay when hovering over links to preview them (Personal preference).
    It’d fit with the whole obsidian aesthetic to include a little delay with a quick little animation when hovering over links to preview the pages they’re linked to, sort of how you guys animated the menu titles (see attached image)

That’s all for now! Hope this was helpful to you guys and make sure to like and comment so that the super capable devs can get their eyes on these suggestions!

Hey there! Next time suggest you file a separate forum thread for each of the feature request, that makes it easier for everyone both to read and to consider your suggestions.

Btw, some of the things got implemented since then, see if you still want the others as separate feature requests. Cheers!

I second option number 4, switching from two different keybinds for selecting your light or dark theme into one keybind where you swap over to the one you’re not on.

I am gonna archive this because there is too much going on in this thread. Some of the things have been implemetend. Please one request per topic.