Feature Request: Add a button to reset the settings for a specific plugin to the default

Use case or problem

When trying out a plugin or every adjust a plugin’s settings after having used it for a while, I may make change(s) that I don’t like or make the plugin act catastrophically (like if I remove the trigger character in the Natural Language Dates plugin), I want to be able to just wipe the settings and start all over, especially if I forget what the previous one(s) were (like I did with NL Dates RIP).

Proposed solution

In the community plugins list, add a button on every plugin to reset plugin settings. When you click it, it can say that the action is not reversible and if you’re sure you want to wipe them. Or Maybe there could be an equivalent of the trash folder for plugin settings, or put the settings in the same Obsidian trash folder where deleted notes go.

Current workaround (optional)

This isn’t an elegant or efficient solution, but I can go to the plugin folder in my vault, and delete the data.json file which contains all of the settings, reload Obsidian, and they’re wiped. The settings wouldn’t get wiped until after / while restarting.

Reinstalling the plugin will wipe the settings, too, and doesn’t require a restart.

It would be more convenient if there were buttons in the plugin list to do so. Instead of looking / searching for the plugin in the list, clicking uninstall and then going to the store, search for it again, and click install.

if you downloaded it outside of the store, then you have to go through a different and longer process. You could use BRAT but if you didn’t, then you have to re-download a release from the repo you got it form.