[Feature] Quick add without waiting for the app to open? - Widget?


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

There is 1-2 sec lag when opening the app to load the workspace, plug-ins etc. This is often minor and a non-issue but sometimes when you are want to start writing as quickly as possible (example when outdoors and busy) this is a little frustrating.
I don’t know what is the best way to overcome this initial opening lag but maybe having a widget to add a quick note would be a good solution?


I’d also find this useful. My current workaround is to use the Markor app, which does have a widget.


Another workaround is to use an app that opens quickly and lets you share its text to other apps. When you’re done typing, share it to Obsidian. It won’t save time overall but will let you start typing sooner.

Yeah I’d also like this feature. I’d love to have an implementation akin to todoist quick add or like ticktick. It is coupled to a android action so you can remap it with icons or gestures etc. It pops up a small window, if in that window you could maybe select a note by searching and write text that is then appended to a note, would be really nice.

Another implementation might be to use a persistent notification?

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