[Feature] quick add/edit pane for mobile users to increase note taking ability with another app open


[] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

Considering the note-taking workflow that many people use, there is most of the time a source that a note is taken from. Currently, if that source is another app on the smartphone itself, note-taking ability is reduced by the cumbersome app switching and sometimes aggressive app reloading android applies (IOS experience may vary?). I’d love for this flow to be as frictionless as possible. On smaller screens and phones without split screen support, an improvement in this area can be experienced the most.

I’m requesting a way to quickly add, light edit and/or view an Obsidian note on top of another app.

There are 3 possible ways I feel like this could be implemented, (Android specific as I have no IOS experience)

  • Using a custom ‘draw on top’ activity, displaying only a bare-bones note that can be opened using a persistent notification or quick setting button.
  • Using Android Pip as an example, the way how Google Maps seems to have implemented that.
  • Using the android bubbles service with ‘people’ as different notes: Bubbles  |  Android Developers (this one is my personal preferred solution, however I’m questioning if it might be possible because of the restrictions google imposes on the type of activity that could use this feature.)

Each of these views should only display the note as simply as possible and support the task of quickly adding something to it or referring from it while using another app.

I know this has been requested before on the non-mobile platforms and there have been some technical limitations there. I was wondering if these limitations might not apply to the mobile implementation.

For me personally, being able to quickly add something to Todoist is a feature that I love very much and would like to have something similar in functionality for Obsidian also.

I do understand that it would not be trivial to implement, but I hope it will still be taken into consideration, as the app is currently not very well suited for quickly adding new notes. I would love to hear what could be implemented and what people think of a feature like this.