Feature Quest: Export LaTeX and Mermaid as SVG


I’ve browsed around looking for settings and plugins and couldn’t find anything, so here goes: it would be great to be able to export LaTeX and Mermaid (live previews) as vector graphics (SVG.)

Any hints or insights on this issue would be much appreciated.

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+1 for mermaid SVG (or even PDF) export. I know you can export the note as a PDF, but my mermaid graph is huge and even at a reduced size and tabloid page size in the PDF export, it still doesn’t fit in a single page.

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Agreed! The mermaid integration is great but doesn’t scale when a flowchart begins to be a bit big.
An Export could be a good first step to share notes externally (as html/pdf with smaller versions of the chart and the chart alone)

any updates?