[Feature] Pull down menu


[X] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

I love the idea of pulling down to do specific action but it would be nice to have multiple actions. This looks similar to menus in Sailfish OS


Second this - quick action is already a great addition to mobile, but a whole personalized menu would make it so much more useful!

Could be implemented such that when selecting multiple commands for quick action, a popup menu just like the settings/quick switcher opens up (rather than directly executing the action). If just one command is selected, it can still default to the current behavior.

You can already select the command palette as pull down action and pin the commands you use most.


Thanks for this hint! That should come close.

Two problems though:

  • I cannot find the command palette under plugin options on my mobile, in contrast to desktop (Android version 1.0.3, command palette activated). Any idea why this might be?
  • If the behavior is the same as on desktop, one will still see all other commands, thus making for a rather cluttered menu and having to reach quite high up on the screen (especially on tablets) to reach the favorites. So a special menu would still be more helpful.

I cannot find the command palette under plugin options on my mobile

On Android, it’s gear - Plugin Settings (might have to scroll down) - Command Palette.

If the behavior is the same as on desktop

I’m not sure but I believe these settings are device-specific and not synced, so you should be able to create a simplified palette for your mobile. If you do let me know how it works.