[Feature] Press-and-hold in toolbar


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.1

It would be a huge help if the mobile toolbar had options hidden behind a hold. Currently, the Heading toggle does something like what i’m imagining with the options for depth, but it’s on-press. In particular, i can think of the following use-cases:

  • list toggles can all be combined into one; the default on-press could be bullet points, and holding provides options for numbers/checklists/etc.
  • navigating the document; in addition to the current single-space movement, it would be nice to move to the end of word/line/fold/etc. I’m imagining two separate navigation buttons, one for single spaces, and one for larger distances, with default for the latter probably a single word.
  • font toggles.

Thank you.


:+1: This would certainly compress/declutter all the different options nicely, and allow for the user to create their own global commands in a not-too-crowded toolbar.

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