[Feature] Opening a vault within a folder on iOS

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Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.2

I am trying out Obsidian for iOS and loving it so far. I am using iCloud to sync with my desktop machine. I notice that on mobile I don’t have the option to open a vault within a sub-folder. I am only able to open a vault at the Obsidian folder level. I’d like to be able to do this as my obsidian vault is a sub-folder of a larger repository. FYI - This works just fine on desktop.




I have the exact same problem with my NextCloud setup on my iOS Devices. It would be great to have the possibility to set the vaults location to a specific folder.
At the moment I use 1Writer as a workaround. Here I can choose a file from one of my NextCloud folders to edit it.

Came to forum to ask for that.

It might solve the synchronization issues for the users - one could open a vault sitting in some cloud storage like Dropbox / Nextcloud / Google Disk / iCloud

It would, I suppose, take the “obsidian sync” out of business, but that might be for better - let us pay for the functionality we want, not for another cloud service with its own quirks and limitations. We would like to keep a hold of our data.

It works for single-file based applications like password managers - they are able to get newer versions of the file from the cloud storage application and update the file for it to be uploaded, I suppose it should work for folder structures as well.

Just started trying out Obsidian as well. I second this, being able to specify a folder for the vault would make it possible to sync with my self-hosted environment.

Even tho Obsidian Sync is probably great and it got E2EE and so on, I still prefer having full control over my data and self-hosting the synchronization solution.
So it would be amazing, if the Obsidian mobile app would allow me to just specify a folder, where the data lies, so I can utilize Nextcloud for synchronization. For all its worth - since it’s a directly competing feature to Obsidian Sync - I would also be fine if it were part of some kind of paid Pro version or something.

[quote=“jspp, post:5, topic:20733”]
I still prefer having full control over my data and self-hosting the synchronization solution.[/quote]

Same here - is there any new information about a way to use Obsidian on iPad/iPhone with Nextcloud? Like “Open Folder with Vault” and use the “Files-App” ? Or direct support for Webdav?


not a fan of necroing posts, but i’m surprised there isn’t more discussion on this!

i just installed obsidian on my phone excitedly and was very disappointed to see i couldn’t use my existing vault on my personal nextcloud server. it’s a huge boon for privacy/data control fanatics (like i imagine many of us are).

is there any development push to make this happen?

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