Full File System Access For The iOS App (Open Existing Vault)

Use case or problem

I am using Obsidian on macOS, Linux and Android - and today I installed it on my iPad as well. On iOS the only place where I can store my Vault is the “Obsidian” folder. I am aware that iOS has restrictions in the way apps can use the file system. But some apps allow creating and editing files outside of their “own” folder.

My use case: I want to be able to freely interact with the Obsidian markdown files from other apps. That would be best possible if I could store the vault anywhere on the accessible file system.

Proposed solution

Offer a new option “Open Existing Vault” and use the iOS system file picker to get the location the user choose.


This is my most desired feature and I would pay for it as an in-app purchase if needed. Cryptomator just released their app with native Files integration and if Obsidian launched this feature it would enable fully encrypted cross-platform usage.


This is the one thing missing from the iOS app for me as well.

It’s not a deal-breaker, but I really just want to be able to move my notes folder out of the iCloud/Obsidian folder and into my iCloud/Writing folder with all my other stuff.

This is my use case, too :+1:. Being able to open an existing vault by selecting the folder where Cryptomator places the vault’s unencrypted files would essentially allow me to encrypt/decrypt the vault’s files on demand. It would make my data be encrypted at rest when I don’t actively use them :slight_smile:.

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