[Feature] Open any folder as a vault in Android


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

I’m absolutely newbie at Obsidian and maybe this is something already solved but I can’t find it anywhere in the forum. I have installed on my desktop (Ubuntu) and on the mobile (Android) but on the mobile it only let me choose the internal folders or the Download folders as a vault folders.
I’m using Nextcloud as my main sync app and I’d love to choose my note folder inside my nextcloud folder on the mobile to use it with Obsidian.
Is there any way to modify this setting on the mobile?


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So far I managed to make it with SyncThing. Hope it will be possible with the app anytime :slight_smile:

Wait, it is possible. Have you turned on “Show Internal Storage” option in the top-right three-dot menu when selecting folder?

I have the same problem as danicotillas. But I am trying to use the “open folder as vault” option to open an obsidian vault I have on a external SSD with my android tablet. It’s android 11. Could you please give a bit more detail about what to do? Thanks.