[Feature] OneDrive Sync on iOS and Android


[x] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.1 (8)

As I am working with both, mac and windows devices, the easiest method to sync my files is with OneDrive. This method runs smoothly and I don’t plan to change it in the future, as I use Azure as my primary cloud-service for literally everything. Now with the mobile app on the way it would be really great, if I could sync my existing knowledge-bases from OneDrive to my mobile-phone. This would help me and hopefully other users a great bit with remote working on our files.


On iOS, OneDrive needs to allow apps to access its files via the File Provider API before Obsidian can access a vault there. So, make sure you submit a FR on that request too.

(Same goes for all sync services.)

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It doesn’t work with the native Onedrive app.

I solved it with the Onesync app:

This syncs any folder, in my case the Vault folder, directly to a folder in Android. This folder can then be specified as the Vault folder in obsidian mobile. Works great in both directions.