[Feature] One finger swiping for navigating forward/back


[x ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.18

Please include the option in the settings menu to change the behavior of forward and backwards swiping with one finger and two fingers for the menus.

Anybody interested aswell? I thing it will enhance efficiency on mobil when working with one hand hugely.


I personally prefer to navigate between notes back and forward using one finger rather than with two fingers as is currently the case, and since the left and right sidebars are already accessible from the top corners, the current one-finger-swiping to open these same sidebars is a bit redundant.

To have this configurable as suggested—both for one-finger and two-finger swiping—would be great for people who prefer it this way, the current way, or want to trigger a different action other than navigating between notes or opening the sidebars.


Nobody else?

I just added my like to this feature request. As a suggestion, I believe iOS apps can make use of EDGE swipes for certain actions. Example, some apps let you open a menu/sidebar by swiping from the far left/right edges, while swiping from somewhere in the middle lets you navigate forward/back, or vice versa. This would be ideal, as you’d be able to do all of these actions with one finger, without even having to deal with user preferences.

@PitchPowerBank, I wonder if it might help attract more attention if you add more descriptive language to the title of this thread, i.e. “One finger swiping for navigating forward/back.”


I didn’t even know that we could two finger swipe. Well that being the case I think there should be one and two finger swipes for up, down, left and right and they should all be configurable.


That is exactly what I think!

Even better is dividing the regions. The sidepanes should only open when swiped from the top regions. Plus the top shortcut that has command bar should have left and right regions. One for command and other for switcher.

I don’t know if I understand you correctly, but it would also be a good solution:

upper half - one finger swiping → open side panes (as it is now)
lower half - one finger swiping → back and forth between notes

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I have changed the title. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I would find this very useful. I often have to try the 2-finger swipe more than once, and it requires a second hand.

Swipe-for-menu is common in text editors, but I think navigation is more important to Obsidian’s wiki-like nature than it is to a normal text editor.

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+1 for this one too.

I’m a notion user and moving to Obsidian just lately. Notion iOS app does as @3mbry0 said and it just feels much better because of the wiki navigating system. The two finger swipe isn’t natural at all and just a very strange approach compared to other iOS apps in general.

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Workaround: In Settings > Mobile, use the search bar at bottom to add Navigate back and Navigate forward to the mobile toolbar. Optionally, install the Advanced Mobile Toolbar plugin and enable its “Always Show Toolbar” option.

It’s not quite as easy as 1-finger swipe, but it’s a big improvement over the 2-finger. And unlike either, it’s visible.

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Just tried what you suggested and it really is a useful workaround, so thanks! Hopefully the 1-finger swipe will be natively supported.

Using two fingers to navigate is a pain when you are using one hand.

  • Swipe once from the screen should be forward and back.
  • Swipe from edge should bring up the left/right panels as it does now.
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Too many people do not know, that they want this feature. Still better would be to separate the screen in upper and lower screen with different features for one finger swiping.

Even tho I found a decent workaround, lately I’ve been swiping from the edge to go back, unconsciously expecting it to work.

I’m not in favor of trying to keep the navigation swipe with the navigation swipe. Dividing up the screen into many swipe areas turns the UI into a magic guessing game. From a brief survey of apps I have on iOS, most have 1 or the other (usually navigation is a swipe from the edge and menu is a swipe from anywhere). An exception is Mail, in which the edge swipe takes you back to the sidebar and other swipes reveal actions (Apple’s commitment to UI consistency and clarity isn’t what it used to be).

To add my two cents, I’d like these swipe options:

Edge left = open left menu
Edge right = open right menu
Right to Left inside our note = go back
Left to Right inside our note = go forward

Another point against using both edge swipe and inner swipe: on iPadOS, if you have a Slide Over window open, the edge swipe will only open the Slide Over window, not the app menu (I found this while trying to figure out Obsidian’s recent menu-trigger change on mobile).