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Can you add a way to navigate to the previous note that was open or move to the next note on iOS. It is fine on an iPad when using the keyboard with a hotkey, but it would be good to have some way to do that on the touch screen.

You can download the community plugin swipe navigation which enables a back/forward navigation with two fingers. It will be ported to core at a later point.

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It would be nice to have the option to have buttons. Not sure where they should go with such limited screen RE. I’ve tried it on my phone and it doesn’t feel natural as this type of gesture is not common in Android or Android apps. It also precludes the ability to drive the app with one hand on a mobile phone. Single handed feels like the time I’m most likely to be swiping through notes.

Would also be good to have an option to move through the notes in a folder with the same buttons or gestures.


This is now available natively using a two finger swipe action as of 0.0.18


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