[Feature] More options for internal link handling

Use case or problem

When I want to add a new internal link, I type [[ and the editor automatically matches brackets, suggests options as i type, and when I select the destination and press ENTER the link is inserted, and the cursor moves to after the link. This is ok most of the time, but sometimes I am pointing to a note with a weird name, let’s say [[The Really Cool Book by Author Name#^p1234]]. However, if I am mentioning this in a sentence, I may just want to mention inside the sentence the link, so I need to write down [[The Really Cool Book by Author Name#^p1234|Cool Book]] or whatever. The issue is, that once the suggestion is found and I press ENTER to select it, the cursor is after the link, I have to go back, put in the | , and then write what I want, which gets a bit annoying if I am linking a lot as I write.

This is specially annoying on mobile, because it is quite time-consuming to move back the cursor by dragging on the screen, putting in the | symbol, then writing the second part of the link. It makes me lose about 5s per link, which is a lot given how many links I usually add as I take notes.

Proposed solution

I wish there was an option regarding link handling, where when I select the suggestion and press ENTER, the | would be automatically added, and the cursor was already in place there.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)