[Feature] image sync + ipad qustion


[V] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: not yet using

so i am comicbook artist
and just ordered 24 imac (very very hyped to try obsidian on it)

although, since i will be using obsidian to organize how to draw stuff,

i will be using lots of images on my note.


  1. draw instruction image on ipad pro with sidecar
  2. copy that image on clipboard and paste on obsidian notes (imac)
  3. save it to my imac internal drive

but since one of my family is living outside of my country, i could travel there and stay for few months occasionally. which obviously wouldn’t be able to bring my 24 imac there

since i have ipad pro, “can i only bring my ipad pro there and use obsidian like my workflow without any problem?” i have concerns about using obsidian sync with having lots of pasted image.

i even considered to buy macbook instead of imac.

in short : can i use obsidian with lots of image only with my ipad pro + obsidian sync?

in short2 : if so, can i make notes on obsidian and paste my images only using my ipad pro?

thanks alot for reading and have a great day!

I have not used Obs. sync, so can’t speak to that (I use iCloud to sync between my computer and iPad, and it works great – any reason you don’t use that, if it already comes in the box, so to speak?)

I’ve just tried it (don’t use this feature often), and it is very easy to paste photos into a note in the mobile Obsidian version, whether you have them in your camera roll or saved to the Files on your iPad.

Hope this helps!