[feature] homepage on mobile


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17

I find myself regularly lost in “where am I” when starting the application : a note is open, certainly it is the last I opened. The fact is I don’t necessarily want to display this note, and have then to open the file explorer (not to mention the possibly secret note unwantedly displayed in front of curious eyes).
I’d like the app to open on a kind of homepage (could be an “index.md” like in Epsilon Notes).
This homepage should have a shortcut button somewhere in the menu.
Also, I’d like to have to press back twice to quit the app (it happens to often that I unwantedly quit the app by a back button press). Also


I had the same problem, and just discovered a workaround. Under Settings, go to “Core Plugins” and enable the “Starred” plugin. Then go to the page you want to use as your home page, open the menu on the right (I have to click on “…” twice to get this), and choose “Star” from the menu. This will star your desired home page.

Then, open the left sidebar. If you’re in the file explorer, you may need to click on the left-arrow to go out to the top-level options, and from there you can choose “Starred”. This shows the starred notes in the left sidebar.

Once this has been set up, accessing your home page is as simple as opening the left sidebar and selecting it from the set of starred notes. Unless you switch back to the file explorer, the list of starred notes will always be shown, so it’s very quick to use this to access your home page no matter where you are in your notes.

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