Feature for Publish - Create Page Title from 3 Prioritized Options

Use case or problem

I want the page title that is used to be more flexible when a given document is published.

Proposed solution

Make title have 3 options in settings (in an order of importance) and for each a drop down. In each drop down you can select your primary title attribute, one of:

  • File name
  • First H1 in the content
  • Metadata “title” property (the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set standard for title)

The algorithm would then always look for each option that you selected, in order, and use the first found. (Ideally this is what should also be shown for the item in Navigation)

Current workaround (optional)

Because of special characters that are not allowed in file names, I often write an H1 title instead and use that as the primary title. I sometimes forget to write the H1, however, so I wished it had a fallback. In this proposal, there are as many as two fall-backs and you get to choose your own order of priority. (or two fall-backs because it would not make sense to make the first priority filename since there is always a file name)