[Feature] Customizing which configuration settings are synchronized through obsidian sync


[x] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.16

Currently, when syncing one’s vault with the mobile app (or another PC), the configuration isn’t synced: you have to set up your configuration from scratch on each device.

It would be great to add an option to Obsidian Sync to easily synchronize certain aspects of our configuration across devices. Examples:

  • Themes
  • Currently used theme
  • CSS snippets
  • Date format
  • daily-notes format
  • plugins used
  • plugins settings
  • which file to open first

This would allow users to quickly “feel at home” on each new device (especially in the mobile app), as users often spend a lot of time setting up their custom workflow in Obsidian.


I agree, I wasn’t able to find more info on this in the Help or the Trello Roadmap. I’m sure there are plans to sync .obsidian but if anyone has more info on the state of this I’d appreciate knowing what’s the plan.

I agree with @y.h on the value of being able to sync all of this things. Syncing the .obsidian folder would allow for this. However there must be a technical reason on why it hasn’t been done yet, in which case I’d love to understand why this hasn’t been yet implemented



I ‘second’ the motion. Seconded the ‘other’ related thread, also. I’m going to go way out on a short limb, but it seems to me This request must be high up on the To Do list!!!

Option to sync would be very useful. Otherwise you spend a lot of time trying to make sure your devices are configured in the same way.

When using e.g. iCloud the settings are in sync, but that also causes problems because not all plugins and themes work well on mobile (yet).

I would propose that Obsidian gets a possibility where a user could define which settings should be synced and which not. Maybe through an extra column after the settings where you could choose ‘Sync’.
For themes and snippets, all of them could be synced but I think an option is needed to separately choose/(de-)activate themes/snippets on mobile and on desktop.


+1 to this. Agree that somewhat granular options to decide what to sync would be ideal.

Does anyone know what happens when you update the test application on Android and iOS? I’m worried that installing a new APK or TestFlight version might cause my settings to be reset.

I’m a bit confused about this as the current solution seems to be to segregate your device settings from desktops and other devices. So we have to redo all our settings per mobile device?

I suppose at least syncing per “device type” would be better than this.

Can we have some input from the Devs as to the progress on this request Before They offer it as a feature. Would be nice to see their thinking on the subject, since those with more than one iPad may or may NOT want the same configurations on both devices.

This is something we’re actively working on. It’s one of the primary issues that’s blocking the public release of the app.


will be implemented 0.1.2

Thanks for the update! Much appreciated.

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