[Feature] Customizable Quick Actions on iOS

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[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1

I was disappointed to see that the updated version of the app no longer lets me select one of the quick actions (bottom right corner) that always shows. I thought that feature was amazing. I just want a quick way to open today’s note without thinking about the other options.

Would love a menu to customize those actions more. I have custom CSS that prevents the other icons from being displayed when using the desktop version, but just doesn’t apply here.

If there is a setting that I don’t know about, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Not to nitpick, but “Quick Action” is the name of the swipe-down-to-do-a-thing-(by-default-command-palette) feature. The area you’re talking about is called “the ribbon”.

You can customize the ribbon with a plugin called Commander, except I’m told it doesn’t yet work with Obsidian v1.0.

I am too missing the old behaviour of that ribbon button, but it’s not exclusive to IOS, as it’s the same for Android. Thus, I too request the old behaviour to be an option. Something like a “Default Ribbon Button” dropbox in Mobile settings with options “Graph”, “Daily”… “Remember Last”, “Always Ask”.

That would be useful :slight_smile:

I loved the behavior it had before of being able to select one of the options that showed up and then long-selecting to see the other options