Feature Brainstorm: Dynamic Knowledge Matrix

Fellow Obsidian Users,

I’m reaching out to propose an idea that’s been brewing in my mind, one that I believe could enrich our collective experience with Obsidian. I’ve been contemplating the concept of a “Dynamic Knowledge Matrix” as a potential new feature. This idea is still very much in its infancy, and I’m eager to explore its possibilities with your input.

The core of this concept is to provide a flexible, spatial layout where notes can be organized not just linearly or hierarchically but along multiple, user-defined dimensions. These dimensions could reflect anything from thematic relevance, chronological order, to personal priority levels, or any other categorization that suits our diverse workflows and thought processes.

Here’s what I’m envisioning:

  • Customizable Axes: Users could define what each dimension represents, tailoring the matrix to their unique needs.
  • Intelligent Note Placement: Notes could automatically find their place in this matrix based on their tags, dates, or other metadata, making it easier to see the big picture at a glance.
  • Interactive Exploration: This space would allow for direct interaction with notes, providing a quick overview or deep dive without leaving the matrix view.
  • Flexible Integration: While I see this as potentially beneficial for those of us using zettelkasten methods, I believe it could be just as valuable for anyone looking to map out projects, ideas, or even personal life planning in a more visually interconnected way.
  • Dynamic Organization: With tools to filter, sort, and rearrange, this matrix could become a living document of our knowledge and ideas, adaptable as our understanding or needs evolve.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts on this. How could such a feature support your use of Obsidian? What functionalities would you find most useful, and how do you envision this fitting into your current workflow?

Looking forward to a collaborative brainstorm and your valuable insights.


I’m going to move this to Plugin Ideas (for now).

This is beyond the scope of Feature Requests; they tend to be one specific request with a clear use case or problem and proposed solution.

This is a good idea that has fortunately already been implemented with Canvas + Metadata menu. At least starting with the spatial organization, which will then reflect in the metadata of the notes. Perhaps you meant more in the other direction, from metadata to spatial organization?

See this quick demo by @DannyHatcher:

And this longer setup video: