[Feature] Add newline after inserting image via "add attachment"/the Share button


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.4.1 (83)

When using the share button to add an image to the vault, there is no newline after the image. This makes it hard to write anything below the image, since you need to find a way to focus the cursor on the end of the line, then hit enter on the keyboard.

This is achievable by clicking the image (zooms in), clicking again (to zoom out), and then the line with the ![[image name.jpg]] is shown and you can click to focus the cursor at the end of the line and hit enter.

I’m calling this a bug, because I noticed that if you try to delete the last newline after an image, it automatically gets added back. So that seems intentional. Yet when you insert an image through the share function, there’s no newline.

This is not a bug — images do not necessarily need to be on their own line, or be followed by a newline.

This doesn’t happen for me.

I took a screen recording of the behavior, but I can’t attach it to the post so included specific frames.

Specific steps:

  1. Take screenshot

  2. Share button to obsidian

  3. (0:00 of video) click Import into vault

  4. (0:03) click Insert link into daily note

  5. (0:06) scroll down and see no new line after image (last line = 42)

  6. (0:13) move cursor to end of line with image tag

  7. (0:17) hit enter on keyboard, now see newline 43

  8. (0:19) hit backspace from line 43. It scrolls us back and moves the cursor to the end of line 42

  9. (0:22) but scroll down and still see line 43

  10. repeat trying to delete line 43 and see it cannot be deleted, it always comes back


(There are some workarounds in the comments.)