Feat: Support to change the default cursor position after pressing enter Enter key in filename input

Use case or problem

Currently, after pressing the Enter key in filename input element, the cursor position will go to the last edit position, however, I want the cursor to move to the beginning of the note.

Proposed solution

Add an option which can control this behavior.

Do you mean the file tree? Otherwise you don’t have to confirm name changes with enter.

Luckily in Obsidian we don’t have to press enter for name changes to apply, I myself wouldn’t like it: :dizzy_face:

You are misunderstanding the post…
What I mean is:
GIF 2023-9-18 12-17-20

Yes, your description was a bit unclear for me.
Also because I deactivated note titles.
Usually, the cursor is placed exactly where you click and pressing enter should move the cursor at the beginning of the next line. If it doesn’t, then you’ve found a bug.

Some ideas

  • I usually use cmd+arrow key (back) to place the cursor at the beginning of a sentence
  • you could try with some plugins, I searched with the keyword “cursor” and found “select current line” that one was the closest match

arrow down should work too, but I see there is a bug now.

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