Favorite commands palette

A really cool plugin would be basically identical to the command palette but it would have a configurable subset of all the commands.
This would be to make it much faster to find the few commands that you use all the time. I don’t see this as big of a game changer on desktop but on mobile it could be huge for the quick action. Instead of specifying only one action or just opening the command palette you could specify a small list of commands that would always just fit on the screen without typing or scrolling making it much faster to do exactly what you want from mobile where keyboard use isn’t as optimal as on desktop.

There is now an option to pin commands in the command palette as of v0.12.3


Thank you so much!! This works exactly as I would have wanted. I missed that it was already a feature. It’s right in the help docs too! I guess I need to work on my search skills.

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