Faster ways to cycle through tab stack and tabs, and search tabs

Use case or problem

A few ideas for tab hoarders to quickly cycle through and find tabs

Proposed solution

Animation speed

Clicking a page in the tab stack results in an animation. Wondering if animation speed can be adjusted or disabled. Going from last tab to first tab in stack takes longest.

Mousewheel to cycle tabs quickly

In google chrome I often use scroll wheel to cycle through a million tabs (hover mouse over tabs, then scroll). Noted idea here: Customizable mouse event actions (click) with keyboard modifiers - #4 by zerkshop

Searchable list of open tabs

Also end up using this in chrome quite a bit to find a certain tab I have open:

Could imagine something like the Quick Switcher being able to give you a list of open tabs to fuzzy search into.

Current workaround (optional)

To stop being a tab junkie, but obsidian 1.0 has now enabled my problem :smiley:

I also feel like tabs in all applications I use end up being a poor “reminder” system. Like the reason the tabs are open is some dangling intention to do something, or some context you want to be able to switch to quickly. And usually there is no mechanism to save/restore tabs or to consider the intention as the first class citizen. With Obsidian we can do things like make index files or use workspaces, but it’s still something I struggle with.


See GitHub - darlal/obsidian-switcher-plus: Enhanced Quick Switcher plugin for

Quick Switcher ++ is already capable of searching through and jumping to your open tabs. See this section of it’s documentation: GitHub - darlal/obsidian-switcher-plus: Enhanced Quick Switcher plugin for

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It would also be sweet to be able to switch to an open tab through the obsidian URI

e.g. switch windows/tabs through rofi

hmm might be do-able with

If the file is already opened in another pane, it gets focused.

see my solution here