Faster way to add card in canvas

Use case or problem

It would be really nice if we could create a new card with a keyboard shortcuts. Just an unconnected new card at the beginning would be enough but later it would nice to add relative to a connected cards e.g. new sibling, new parent, new child cards.

Proposed solution

This feature is supported in every other mindmapping, charting tool, so it’s an easy copy from those tools.
Proposed solution:
While a card is selected but not being edited the following key would do the following commands.
Enter - create a sibling card
Ctrl + Enter - create a child card
Shift + Enter - create a parent card


+1 - this is the one thing that’s really holding me back from embracing Canvas as an alternative to XMind, my existing mindmapping tool.


Was going to make a new FR till I saw this one. Sounds related so adding onto this FR

Would like a hotkey for adding cards as well as the other actions associated with the bottom tool bar of the canvas (add card, add note from vault, add media from vault).

Use case

Having to keep jumping back to the mouse to drag & drop a card from the bottom tool bar icon feels clunky. The context menu is nice but IMHO a hotkey would be quicker. Would make it easier using the Canvas at the same pace as the thoughts that are occurring to me when in the midst of processing/ breaking down my ideas

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A little quicker way

Canvas Add Card

To add a new text card to your canvas:

  • Select or drag the blank file icon at the bottom of the canvas.

You can also add text cards by double-clicking on the canvas

Would much prefer hotkeys but just found this and thought I would share!

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Those options are reasonable as well. I was aware of those options but was hoping for something a little faster hence the hotkeys

When doing my studies in school I use an iPad with a keyboard. I find the current options cumbersome when having to do these actions over & over. This is due to having to keep jumping back to the screen each time to drag the icon or double clicking each time. Hence the FR

Do appreciate the suggestion, though. This is what I am doing until there is a better option that comes along :slight_smile:

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On a new canvas, there is a one time message to touch and hold to add a new card.

Since starting on Obsidian Mobile 1.4.x touch and hold might work the first time on a new canvas, but after that it could be up to 33 touches before the menu will appears to add a card, make a group, etc, it’s rather impossible to use canvas on iOS for iPhone…hardly use a feature I’d love to use. I conclude the impossible word because there is no way to link a vault from iOS/Apple cloud to a non-Apple PC.

There needs to be a button to display the menu instead of relying on the touch screen. Add at the bottom of the existing on the right side.