Faster access to Recent Vaults

Use case or problem

I am working to several vaults recently. I’d like to open directly one of those vaults without having to open Obsidian and go through the list on the left.

Proposed solution

On Windows, if I right-click on an icon on the app bar (eg. MS Word), a list of recent files shows. I can directly access one of those recently opened files by clicking an item on that list.


You can do this already by using the obsidian URI.

hi, I routinely do this on chrome

but this does not solve my problem, since I have to remember the name of the vault, there is no list of recent vaults accessible with a single click without opening the app.

I don’t know how many vaults you have set up - but you can establish custom starters using the obsidian URI. You then can open any vault by just clicking an icon - without having to remember the exact name of the vault.