Fast way to copy tags?

This seems so simple, I should not be asking, but I am.
I am using Bryan Jenk’s tags to indicate the status of the note. I know I can start a search by clicking on the tag on the right. The typical process is to open up the right column, click on the tag that I want, open the left search bar, copy the part of the #-tag Icon and then copy it into the note. Isn’t there a way to do this with fewer steps?

I tried making a template of each tag. But there are too many tags, so I have to sort them into categories. I want to just copy from the right column and paste into my note.

I see someone @Kuncy is drag dropping from file explorer. I would prefer not to be opening and/or learning another application.

I am not sure I follow. Where do you want to add the tags? If a note is the target, I’d recommend typing and using the autocomplete suggestions.

This is a great solution. I actually do not have that many tags that I have used repeatedly. That shows me which tags are really useful.
Thank you. I will look at the plug in. Good to know that I can change later on when I have more notes. Thank you.

If you want to change a tag you can look into the Tag Wrangler plugin.