Failure to save bug that causes data loss

The Situation

I was writing in a file and then saw a message that said: “Failed to save file.” Afterwards, I was unable to click out of my current file into any of the other files. I could click on the name of another file in the sidebar, but nothing happened.

I copied and pasted the current file, quit out of Obsidian and re-opened Obsidian. The copy + paste apparently did not take because the file did not save to my clipboard.

As a result, I have lost the contents on the file I was working on.

The Question

What can I do to prevent this moving forward? Specifically, what was the reason that Obsidian showed the “Failed to Save” message?

Additionally, is there anything I can do to recover the lost file?

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What’s your OS?

The most up-to-date version of macOS Big Sur

You may have this problem:

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Based on the thread, I agree with your conclusion.

Is there anything I can do to remediate the problem on my side?

Unfortunately no.
If you see that message, select-copy the current file and paste outside obsidian. Then restart Obsidian.

I also suggest you to decrease the file recovery plugin interval.

I see. In that case, are you aware of plans on the Obsidian side to address the bug?

I tried to copy and paste in this situation, but the clipboard did not work for me.

This is an upstream issue, so whenever it’s fixed by either apple or electron(node) we will get the fix.

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