Failed to save a file. EPERM: operation not permitted

the errors raised repeatedly when edit a file, as shown in the screenshot.
my system is a win11 uptodate

it means you have file permission issues.

Thanks for reminding me. I went to check the properties of the file workspace and found that it was set to “hide”. As I have seen before, I thought that it was normal for the system setting file. I just changed it back and now the error does not appear.

Strangely enough, which one changed the properties of this file? I didn’t even know about the file before.

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Sorry for interrupting you. What kind of PERMISSION ISSUES it could be? Flags are: HIDDEN, ARCHIVE, not-read-only.
Let me add: this issue occurs occasionally in different installations, and it is not the only-one-user-issue. Could Odsidian Team try to dig a little deeper please? How can we ask The Team?
P.S. The Error message is extremely vague. And there is no description of this Error in the Help Knowledgebase.
P.P.S. At least a small brief little explanation on the “workspace” file functionality would be extremely helpful.

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