Failed to open. no permission to access folder

Steps to reproduce

I have been using two vaults in my Obsidian and I switch between them often. Yesterday, I was able to switch between vaults and it worked fine. Today, I tried switching between the vaults like usual with my custom hotkey ‘Shift+V’ and the vault switch pane opened and I clicked the vault to be opened.

Expected result

The selected vault should open.

Actual result

Got an error message saying


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 0.9.20

Additional information

When I couldn’t open, I made a copy of the vaults and pasted them in new location and tried opening them as ‘Open folder as a vault’ and it opened and worked well. So, I deleted the previous vaults in old location,removed them in Obsidian switcher, pasted them again in the old location with the copy I made and tried opening them again in old location with ‘Open folder as a vault’, but the same error popped up again.

As mentioned in Discord (and for future users that got here through search): First thing to check is if the antivirus software is preventing access to the folder.

Glad it is working again!

A faster and easier way to fix that is to start Obsidian as an admin, you’ll then have access to open the vault (that worked for me)