Failed to load note? CodeMirror.multiplexingMode is not a function

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One of my notes is suddenly inaccessible. When I click on the note in Obsidian I get an error that pops up that says “Failed to load “Bibliography/2021110271330”. CodeMirror.multiplexingMode is not a function”

here is the acutal markdown

Author: #Jason-Helmick
Year Of Publication: 2014
Title: #Learn-Windows-IIS-in-a-month-of-Lunches
Retrieval Information: Helmick, J. (2014). Learn Windows IIS in a month of lunches. Manning Publications, Co.
tags: #IIS

Creating a web page using server variables for better results

  • Previous test page was good but must be modified for each new site/server/application
  • better solution is to use server variables.
  • Server variables require ASP or ASP.NET

Server IP = <%=Request.ServerVariables("LOCAL_ADDR")%>

  • the syntax of the code above is as follows:
    • “Server IP” is just a label. This can say anything.
    • The magic happens between the <% %> tags.
    • Request.ServerVariables is the command to request the variable (duh).
    • enclosed in the ("") is the name of the actual variable.
    • IIS variables are found at this site.
Sample Code
Server Information<br>
Server Name  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")%><br>
Server Protocol  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_PROTOCOL")%><br>
Server IP  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("LOCAL_ADDR")%><br>
Server Port  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_PORT")%><br>
IIS Version  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_SOFTWARE")%><br>
Website Information<br>
Application Physical Path  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH")%><br>
Application Path  = <%= Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO")%><br>
Application Translated Path = <%= Request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED")%><br>

I don’t see why this note would just stop working.

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