"Failed to Load Community Plugins"

Things I have tried: After repeatedly reviewing Help, FAQs, Tutorials and Blogs, I am unable to resolve “Failed to Load Community Plugins” when attempting to Browse the Community Plugins. Safe-mode off etc etc. I am new to Obsidian (1.0.3) and making progress building on the basics. Thanks everyone contributing to tutorials and blogs. Thanks for any guidance.

I’m not sure, but you might have to download a newer installer. There have been some changes lately that may make seeing the Community Plugins impossible if you have an older version.

If anyone else knows better, please correct me, but until then, I’d try installing the newest version of Obsidian and seeing if that works. Let me know if it helps?

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WEIRD … Just downloaded Obsidian from site Dec 27/22 and was version 1.0.3; took the suggestion of
@ReaderGuy42 and went back to site and the version is (1.1.9). I suspect this will solve the issue. Thanks.

From Carl, the discord bot:

We’ve had reports that an ISP in India has blocked GitHub at the DNS level, which Obsidian uses to update themes and plugins. You can fix it by switching to a different DNS server, then restarting Obsidian.

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