Failed to load community plugins - Mar 2023

I have previously solved this issue by following the instructions to change the DNS server settings suggested in the following post.

But I’m facing the issues again today and I’m not able to solve it.

  • I tried Cloudflare and Google DNS settings
  • I have tried the DNS settings from Quad9 as well.
  • I am able to browser other internet websites
  • I am able to browser as well

Note that I am from India

Are you able to view this in a browser? I’m guessing not.

Try OpenDNS as well:

Can you try on your phone’s hotspot (if it has one) or a different network?

Do you have access to a VPN?

I was able to access the community-plugins.json link you shared in the beginning. But then I swithced to my hotspot from my mobile and then it stopped working.

Now even if I switch to my older network, its not working any more.

And now that you mention it, I have actually used my hotspot from my mobile in the morning before posting this question.

But now I’m not able to get it to work irrespective of what I try.

bro have you diagnosed your problem yet or should i weigh in…?