Failed to create daily note

Steps to reproduce

Click the Daily Note button in the lefthand tool bar.

Expected result

New daily note created in the Daily Notes folder in File Explorer section.

Actual result

Small error pops up at top right of display that states: "Failed to create daily note. Folder “Notes\Daily Notes” not found!


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.0
  • Using custom CSS: No

Additional information

Screenshot of error.
2020-05-22 14_29_01-Obsidian v0.6.0

Also have screenshot showing Folder exists, but I’m new so I could only upload the one.

I can only think of the nbsp issue. Any chance you can try to create the folder again with a space character between “Daily” and “Notes”? See if you end up with 2 seemingly identical folders.

Hello All,

I am also having issues with creating a Daily Note. The note for the Plug-In says, “Open today’s daily note, or create one if not present.” I am having trouble creating a note. I should be able to press the calendar icon in the sidebar, and a new note is then created, but this is not happening for me.

  • I have tried turning it off and then back on… nothing.

  • I added a shortcut similar to what was proposed in Discord, “⌘ ⇧ T” still no new notes are created.

  • I left the file folder path blank, assuming it would be placed in the main vault, but no new note is created.

  • I tried to add a file path, and I received the error that was posted at the beginning of the thread.

    • But I spelled the folder name wrong – check for spaces. Once I spelled it right, I stopped receiving the error – but no new note was created.
  • I tried to add a template; no new notes are created.

  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled Obsidian

Obsidian: I am using Obsidian Beta v0.6.1
Device: MacBook Pro, 6-Core Intel Core i7, Processor: 2.6, Catalina 10.15.4

I am sure this is something that I am overlooking, but any help with creating the Daily Note would be appreciated.


So my version of the issue may have been self-inflicted. I was testing using Syncthing to keep notes in sync across multiple devices and I didn’t exclude the .obsidian folder.

I realized when I was doing fresh installs of Obsidian, all my settings were coming across without me having to configure them, i.e. enabled extensions, light-mode v. dark mode.

I removed the .obsidian folder, restarted Obsidian to let it rebuild that folder, and now the functionality I expected has returned. I will also be excluding .obsidian from Syncthing.

And again, I’m my own worst enemy. I spoke too soon about the above.

It seems that when you set the location for saving Daily Notes, you must not include the “root”

I changed it from “Notes\Daily Notes” to just “Daily Notes” and it is back to normal.

In reference to excluding .obsidian when using Syncthing, I don’t believe it’ll be necessary.


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