Facebook book group - Obsidian for genealogists

Hi all -

First post here. I began using Obsidian about 2 months ago and am absolutely amazed by it. My primarily focus is to organize my genealogy, specifically areas I’ve previously researched, using a note for each source. I’m also creating a Wiki of sorts after I’ve answered specific research questions, and will be developing its use to write short bios for my family. Since this is such a specialized use of the product, I thought I’d create a Facebook group for anyone else interested. You can find the FB page here..


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Thank you for the FB page. It is a good idea and might get people interested.

I’m wondering; are you using/have used other genealogy software ? If so, what made you switch to Obsidian ?

This Facebook group sounded like an excellent idea. I saw this note and joined, and within an hour I got a DM (Messenger) seemingly from the group owner, but introducing herself as “from Singapore, living in New York city, but currently in San Franciso”. I blocked immediately.

This is not an accusation against LRogers. I believe the FB group has been hijacked by a bad actor.