Extracting raw value from choice statement

What I’m trying to do

Holroy helped me get a table set up for my tabletop combat logger and it works great. Now I would like a WHERE clause that grabs from a choice statement below where Condition does not equal “Dead”

[Condition ::`= choice(sum(this.damage) < this.total, choice((sum(this.damage) >= (this.total/2)),"Staggered","Healthy"),"Dead")`]

The main problem is that the table doesn’t seem to recognize them as strings even though explicitly casting them to strings works and putting typeof around the whole choice statement returns string. I don’t know why it won’t filter out the dead people.

Things I have tried

TABLE WITHOUT ID item.entity as Entity, item.initiative as Initiative, item.Condition as Condition
WHERE file = this.file
FLATTEN file.lists as item
WHERE item.entity
WHERE !contains(item.Condition, "Dead")
SORT item.initiative DESC

I know it comes back as a string

The code returns no entries even though in the table it shows entries with the other Conditions

[entity :: `= this.P1`] [initiative :: 0] [Condition :: `= choice(sum(this.damageP1) < this.totalP1, choice((sum(this.damageP1) >= (this.totalP1/2)),"Staggered","Healthy"),"Dead")` ]

code above is what I am querying from (generally 8-10 of these statement on one note)

I was just wondering if I could extract the value of the choice statement to use in the table.