Extracting more understanding from the graph view: Local landscapes

Maintaining the usefullness of a graph view becomes challanging as the number of nodes increases. To complement the current global view, I suggest a local view as follows:

In global view click on a node of interest. Select filter-to-X-neighbours where X is chooseable or a setting. This then only displays the node of interest (NOI) and neighbours X hops away. Crucially, if you then click on one of the NOI’s neighbours the graph recenters on that node (which becomes the new NOI) and all nodes X hops away. Video @13.44 as an exmple This particular GUI implementation is a bit ugly and clunky imho but it does illustrate the idea.

Basically this adds a “local landscape” view of your connections to the existing global view.


This is now implemented. See 0.8.4 and above!

How to switch from the two modes then.

Oh I’ve known how to do this. Sorry for the disturbance.

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