Extract to new note and keep original Text

I’m pretty new to Obsidian. Love it so far. One thing I really want to do but dont know how: I write notes while reading books or articles. Afterwards I want to make atomic notes out of them. I tried using the Obsidian Note Composer as well as the Note Refactor Plugin. Both of them delete the selected text and replace them with a link to the new note. But I want to keep the original text and just add a link underneath to the new note, while in the new note I want to have a link as the source to the original note.

Note Refactor would be perfect if there was a placeholder like {{old_note_content}} for example. If I use the {{new_note_content}} placeholder it will copy everything from the new note, not only the selected text. That kind of messes up the original literature note.

And to embed the new note wont work either, because in many cases i want to change something in the new note, but don`t want to have that change in the original literature note.

What I’m trying to do

Hi there,

Have a look at the plugin Obsidian42-Text transporter - it may well do what you want to.

Or try the Carry Forward plugin, they do similar things, but in a slightly different way, and one might suit your style better than the other (though, Text Transporter is vastly more powerful).

Maybe Quickadd’s Zettelizer?

Or maybe you could somehow use inline reference blocks?

Reviving this to see if there’s a solution for automating this for an entire page (as opposed to manually do this paragraph by paragraph with the carry-forward plugin).

A Templater script perhaps?

Or could the Zettelizer script be modified to send embed (or ‘text+alias’) to a new page?

Trying again - how to create new atomic notes from a long note for each paragraph (@Christian Zettelizer style), but leave the original note intact. Also, create the new note with a template into which the copied text is inserted, and create a link back to the original file (a bit like @akaalias explode mode footnotes).

It’s a bit like marrying these to plugins/scripts with templates (or note refactor) - creating lots of new files according to a naming template (eg original-file-atomic1, original-file-atomic2)
and a content template, all the while the original note stays untouched…

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