Extract Tags from Zotero to Literature Note in Obsidian

I just started using Obsidian. I have zero programming experience but I’m a quick learner…

I’ve been using the Citations plugin for Obsidian to create literature notes for my Zotero library. However, the variables extracted from Zotero don’t include the associated Zotero tags. I’d like to be able to automatically import the Zotero tags as a variable/YAML metadata in the frontmatter of each literature note without having to manually copy the tags into the note (i.e. the same way the citekey or the DOI or the year etc. can be automatically imported).

Has anyone tried doing this before? Any advice on where to begin? I’ve never programmed anything before in my life but I’m very determined to make this work…I have the Zutilo plugin for Zotero as well, if that matters.

Any related advice/thoughts/experiences would be much appreciated!

Try bibnotes instead, it contains a placeholder for zotero tags.