Extract tags from YAML front matter

Thanks for creating this amazingly promising software. I’m very excited about migrating to it, however it is missing a few features I’d need, one of which hasn’t been requested yet.

All of the notes in my collection have a YAML front matter at the top with some metadata, including the tags. It looks something like this:

  - tag1
  - tag2
  - another tag

# Note title

note body

This is standard YAML syntax, and the default way of specifying tags in VSNotes, which I am using today. Could this please be supported? Ideally tag extraction would be abstracted somehow and made pluggable so that everyone’s tag preferences can eventually be accommodated, either by the core dev team or plugin authors.

Unfortunately without this, my note collection is not really navigable in Obsidian.



I love this approach too. It also provides a global view of the notes.