Extract PDF highlights

Is there a way to extract highlighted annotations from a PDF file please?

I know there is a plug-in called ‘PDF Highlights’ but it does not work properly. Its output does not include any spaces in the extracted text and so is a nightmare to read.

I find it surprising that even Acrobat Pro does not have a feature to export highlighted annotations as a simple text file.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Not related to Obsidian, but I use this iOS app for extracting PDF highlights: ‎PDF Viewer - Annotation Expert on the App Store

I agree, surprisingly few tools can do this.

I wish there was a PC option too. Thanks.

Sumnotes website offers tools for this. It is cloud-based. The free version allows one to have up to 50 annotations per PDF file, which seems enough for now. The annotations can be exported to clip board or as a textfile etc. which is awesome!!!

Adobe, if you are reading this please take note…this is an essential feature which you do NOT have! What a pain!