Extra newlines when pasting in text from other rich-text apps in windows

Not sure if this is a feature request or a bug but surely there is a setting somewhere to fix this.

What I’m trying to do

Copy and paste text from the Web, LibreOffice… literally anything with rich text. Every line has an extra newline

Things I have tried

Searching this forum and the web for an answer
Manually deleting the extra new-lines
Creating a text file outside of Obisidian
Pasting the text into another editor first

I understand that newlines are treated differently on some platforms but literally no other editor I’ve used does this. This does not happen in VS Code, Atom, Notepad++ or even pasting stuff into this web based edit field.

Is there a setting to fix this and if so why is it not on by default.

Hey, I have this issue too not only with obsidian but with many other programs and websites. My solution is to use Microsoft PowerToys, they have this tool called “paste unformatted text” that makes ctrl+alt+windows+v paste anything in plain text.

Hope it can be of use to you :slight_smile:

You could try cmd/ctrl+shift+v (paste as plain text) or turn off Auto convert HTML in Settings > Editor.

I’ll keep in mind that powertoy thing, thanks for pointing that out

thanks, I’ve turned off the HTML stuff and that seems to fix the problem across the board. I wasn’t really getting any usable markdown anyway, so I’ll take that over having to remember a special keystroke just for special case in one program.

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