Extra line for icons on right sidebar when using Hidden Window Frame

I very much like the new default hidden window frame, particularly with the additional height it gives the main window on a laptop, but I use a number of plugins that add icons to the right sidebar, and I can’t see them without resizing the sidebar, or dragging them down to form a new window. I mainly use Obsidian on a laptop, and so screen space is at a premium, and the minimum size for a right pane means I then for the latter I can’t then fit the information vertically.

Dragging and resizing is all doable, but it would be wonderful to have an option that for the right sidebar, you can put your icons on ‘the line below’ - essentially to have them lower than the window minimize/maximise/close icons.


Many thanks for taking the time to read, and I very much appreciate the new changes - Obsidian’s a wonderful application.

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