Extra line break if pasting string w/ double digit numbered list-syntax then pressing enter

Paste this, then press Enter:
178. tour4

Was able to experiment and zero in on “9. blabla + Enter” working (no added linebreak), but it breaking (adding extra linebreak = “exiting” u from the list) on “10. blabla” + Enter

Hope its not too markdown-intrinsic nor already brought up by someone… Cheers! ^^

Please follow and include the bug report template when submitting bug reports. Thanks.

Moved to help for now.

How awfully strict… Didn’t I follow the spirit of it?

I’m not able to edit my original post?? Anyways I did some more sleuthing:

Its obviously tied to the numbered list’s “renumber/reorder”-function somehow…

If ur at the end of a list (either w/ enter pressed once to get a new item~number, or twice to “exit” it), and paste only one syntaxed list-item (=digits at 1st(+dot+space) weather doubled-digited or not; it still works (=no added linebreak).

But if u at the end of a list(exited or not), paste two or more separate numbered list items~lines (w/ double-digits) + hit enter, then BAM; extra linebreak…

Same if its just one item but ur listless in middle of a page etc when u paste + hit enter…

Some weird/inconsistent behavior tryin to recreate it… might be a plugin/snippet interfering… but i was able to make this badly formatted list: ^^

One multi-digit item:
–end of list+exit: --------- breax (1jump)
–end of list on last item: - worx (but leaves syntax as a string(that u have to manually erase)
–listless: ------------------- breax (1jump)
Multiple multi-digit items:
–end of list+exit: --------- worx
–end of list on last item: - worx (but leaves 1st items syntax)
–listless: ------------------ breax (2jumps)

SINGLE-DIGIT: same except all worx :stuck_out_tongue: