Extra characters get added when copy and pasting from certain apps/pages

This is an old bug that seems to never have been addressed (and the original post is not closed):

It is still an issue and still very annoying.

The issue also happens with certain websites (e.g. the job board on LinkedIn), not just macOS apps.

Did you read the reply from Licat, one of the developers? It explains it.

If you “Paste without formatting” (Cmd-Option-Shift-V) does it not strip these characters for you?

I think it was closed because this is expected and/or there is nothing that Obsidian can do about it, without making potentially destructive choices about what is wanted or unwanted.

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I did, but I don’t see that as a solution since pasting without formatting removes the formatting that is supposed to be there.

I also wouldn’t call it expected behaviour since the user does not expect extra visual formatting to magically appear when copy and pasting.

As for the “without making destructive choices” I agree, but a solution to this could simple be toggled in the settings.

Same trouble, Obsidian+plugins up to date.
‘Paste as plain text’ doesn’t work just in Obsidian, :frowning:
‘Paste as plain text’ in MS Word, n++, notepad works fine.

I’ve been working in IT for almost 30 years, but I don’t remember anything like that when I put “paste as plain text” to get something other than just “plain text”.

I think there is a high probability that the problem is caused by Obsidian itself or one of its plugins. I use, several plugins to manipulate URLs. Since no one here on the forum could advise me, I tried something myself…
From the list of installed plugins I chose the first one that is designed to work with URL/URI - “Advanced URI”.
a) I have verified repeatedly that Obidian is unable to correctly perform “paste as plain text”.
b) I made disable this plugin, repeated “paste as plain text” - and pasted … plain text :slight_smile: !!!
c) I enabled this plugin, repeated “paste as plain text” - and pasted again … plain text :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Perhaps this could be a workaround in my case of need.
So I dare to say that there is a problem/error under the hood of Obsidian.

So you’re saying disabling a community plugin solved the problem on your end? This is why bug reports are typically not accepted unless the poster has disabled all community plugins or tested in the Sandbox vault.

It’s not possible to offer support for all the possible combinations of 3rd party plugins.

If you can demonstrate the problem with examples or screenshots, that would be helpful.

It sounds like you’re describing something different than that original bug report. When they used “paste without formatting”, it worked. They expected that regular pasting would also automatically strip extra characters. (From my understanding.)

You seem to be saying you’re seeing extra characters even when pasting without formatting. But you haven’t showed us what, or how. Where are you pasting from? What are the results? What is your “Show debug info”?

The bug was correctly closed because it was determined that the extra characters/paragraphs were there to begin with. To be precise they were in the HTML present in the clipboard that Obsidian uses to make the conversion. In this case, you need to file the bug report to the app that is generating the html in the clipboard not Obsidian.

If this problem happens and there are no extra spaces/paragraph in the html, open a new bug report and attach a copy of the html content present in the clipboard and the result in Obsidian.

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Thank you for your quick response. I apologize that my post is incomplete.
I just wanted to let other know that there is at least a workaround for a certain problem.
Workaround helped me, but only for about an hour, then the problem manifested itself again. :frowning:
I’ll try to disable another plugin(s), or leave it disable for a longer time. Then I’ll compile my findings and submit here, or forward to the plugin author if it turns out that the plugin is to blame.
I will also add debug info :wink:

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