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Things I have tried

I’ve searched the Forum, but haven’t found good results as the search terms are pretty broad. Apologies if this has been asked several times before.

What I’m trying to do

I’m moving from Evernote to Obsidian (after Evernote started eating my writing). One of the features I loved about Evernote is that I could easily share individual notes, and even entire notebooks, with others. This is not just sharing a copy (that’s easy, of course), but sharing the original note itself, so they will see any changes, or even be able to edit it themselves if I choose.

Well, it turns out that iCloud Drive, where I store my vault, has just this feature. Great! But now I face a problem. Obsidian does not work for viewing/editing individual notes outside of a vault, so I can’t ask people to download Obsidian to view the notes I share with them; it just won’t work. I tried Bear, but it imports notes into its own private database instead of reading them from the original file location. Panda looks like it might work, but there’s no public iOS version, and the beta is closed.

What (preferably free) Markdown editor is good to use with Obsidian notes (i.e. renders them more or less as Obsidian’s reading mode does), is compatible with iOS (and hopefully other platforms), and reads and writes files from their existing locations?

Thanks in advance!

Plus one on this question!

MarkText is not so bad, I use it sometimes, otherwise I use vim with a vim-markdown plugin

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Well, it occurred to me that there had to be a limited number of Markdown apps on the App Store, so I started downloading and trying them—and I found the perfect app! Taio is iOS, iPadOS, and macOS compatible, reads and writes files directly from iCloud Drive (or anywhere else), has a gorgeous preview mode (including support for wikilinks, which most Markdown editors seem to lack), and has a free tier that does all I need. Win!

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