External links in page previews don't work (with video of reproduction)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable the “Page preview” core plugin.
  2. Start with two empty documents. We’ll call them “Document A” and “Document B”
  3. Create an internal wiki-style link in Document A to Document B: [[Document B]]
  4. Add an external markdown link to Document B. e.g. [link to google](https://google.com)
  5. Enter preview mode with ⌘E in Document A and hover over your link to Document B. A page preview will pop up.
  6. Inside the page preview, click on your external link.

Expected result

I should navigate to the destination that the external link points me to.

Actual result

Nothing happens except for the page preview being dismissed.


  • Operating system: macOS 11.3.1
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.3

Additional information

I’ve made a screen recording of the bug in action:

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Yeah, that’s too bad … I have Routing links at the top of my “People” notes, so that they appear in Popup-Preview, but can’t be clicked, too bad.

This is exactly my use case. My company has an internal directory that I can get links for. This lets me easily navigate to a person’s page and see where they are in the org chart, what their contact info is, etc. I also grab links to their Slack DM conversation and other stuff like that to stick at the top.

Let’s hope that we are heard …

I mean, if it works for internal links, behaviour should be the same for external links.

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I just want to add to this bug report an observation from my own experience.

i’ve tested this on Ubuntu 20.10 with Obsidian 0.12.5 and have the same experience that an external link within the page preview cannot be opened, however when I go one step deeper, i.e. I open a page preview of an internal link within the page preview of an internal link, the external link does work! Similarly, it works another level down as well, so I assume it is working correctly from there on out.

I dont see any relevant differences in the markup however. Both seem to have the same structure:

Debugging the javascript a little bit, I can’t find the problem though. Seems that both events (the functional and dysfunctional one) bubble correctly, etc.

Hope some of this detail helps you though.

We will fix this in the next insider release.

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