External links hiding feature for backlinks (in preview mode)

I know a feature in external lining where it hides the url in preview mode by this command :-
in preview mode we see only this :- clickME

All i wanted to know if there is a method such that when I use backlinks
for instance, when I write the line given below in Note2 (to link to a heading in note1) [[Note01#heading03]]
then I get to see this in preview mode :- Note01->heading03

here are screenshots to make it more clear
from Note1

from Note2 (edit mode)

from Note2 (preview mode)

this stuff works fine but Instead of this can’t we have something like this in preview mode :- clickMe ( any user defined text like clickME , instead of Note01->heading03, which links to heading 03 of Note1 )

How I want that backlink to look like in preview mode ( after using this command [[Note01#heading03]] in edit mode )

@santi kindly look into this

Hey, I think I get you, let me add a couple of screenshots to see if I’m in the same page.

Say you have a daily note, and you create a heading in it that you want to reference from another note. Like this:

referencing to that block like this: (edit mode)

Preview mode (looks like this)

Alternative solution

Considering this is what you mean, asumming I understood correctly. Then there’s no way currently possible.

However I do think this will be solved once WYSIWYG is available (What You See Is What You Get) which is now on the short-term plan

trello Obsidian Roadmap

For now you can address this by using page preview

Where hovering over that link can let you see what’s in that heading.

More info here: Page preview - Obsidian Help

You could also use an embed

by putting a ! in front of the link

now preview mode looks like this

Hope one of those suggestions help!

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I guess yes we are on the same page :smiley:
Still for further confirmation, you can take another look at the post as I have added the screenshots too !!

Thx for responding.

thanks for the screenshots. I made the mistake in my previous reply to use block reference, instead of heading reference.

now I know what you mean, I was a bit confused.

That is possible

This is what you do in Note2

Things originally look like this


you can add this

[[Note1#heading 3|click me]]

adding this symbol | let’s you change what you see in preview mode

Resulting in this (preview mode)


that’s called a: link with an alias

you can learn more about it here:

Add aliases to note - Obsidian Help

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Thnx a lot !! Posting my query over here really helped

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awesome happy to help! I’ll mark this as resolved

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