Extended Link Syntax

I’m coming from the emanote tool that is currently being developed here. Emanote is compatible with obsidian when used as a markdown editor. I’m interested in extending the link syntax as per this discussion and would love some feedback!

Currently, internal links are formatted like so [[Topic]]. Emanote currently supports something called folgezettel links that are formatted like so #[[Topic]] or [[Topic]]#. This syntax allows for the establishment of a link hierarchy, such that links have a logical order. I’m proposing a way to extend this functionality even further by allowing for the creation of extensions that can take advantage of the folgezettel link structure.

The syntax I am proposing would make the following links valid:

^[[Concepts]]  --  custom function assigned to ^
{myfunction}[[Concepts]] -- custom function
{#}[[Concepts]] -- Something like this could also be valid


I would love to know if this would break obsidian syntax highlighting or otherwise make obsidian incompatible with emanote.